Do you have to be lucky to win ?

The video is a funny one since that boy was very “unlucky”...... he was at the wrong place at the wrong time… Or was he?

So this brings me to say… How much does luck play in winning or losing a game or even a championship?

I really don't believe in luck, and I get annoyed whenever someone says:
" Oh we were unlucky we lost that game" or " That was a lucky shot at the very last second of the game” or even "we were unlucky we lost that player due to injury".

Luck does not exist in the game of basketball, it exist only in our heads, and that's only if we open the door & invite it there.

"Hard work & good preparation is the real reason of success" and if a team or an individual works hard and always try’s to reach his goals without giveing up, it will definitely increase the rate of his success. It is important to embrace this fact & believe in it, where It will play an important role in increasing self-confidence during clutch moments & difficult situations.

Maybe that last winning shot at the last second of the game which hit the top of the backboard and then bounced twice before it went in can be considered by many to be a "Lucky" one, but did we think about what led the team to that moment? Did anyone give that team credit for working hard to reach that tie-game situation at the end of the game?

Maybe that poor boy in the tape was unlucky, but if he had just slowed down and was aware of the game he might have seen and even caught that ball.

But then he would’ve been “Unlucky” not to be the star of this blog :)

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