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Many basketball players here ... and the "Decision" is the main thing.

Best of 2009 - 2010 Season

Players in Video (In order of appearance):
Ahmed Najaf.
Bader Abdulla - Lamond Murray.
Ahmed Ali Hussain - Sayed Hashim.
Bader Abdulla.
Moahmed Nabeel - Calvin Warner.
Ahmed Aziz.
Maytham Jameel - Ahmed Aziz.
Ahmed Ali - Ahmed Hassan.
Mohamed Nabeel.
Ayoob Haji - Sarhan.
Ahmed Malalah - Mims O'Neal.
Maytham Jameel - Ahmed Aziz.
Younes Idrissi - Lemond Murray.
Mims O'Neal - Ebraheen Al Khabas.
Hassan Nawrooz.
Johnny Taylor.
Moahmed Nabeel.
Ahmed Ali Hussain - Mims O'Neal.
Maytham Jameel - Johnny Taylor.
Hassan Nawrooz - Calvin Warner.
A. Hameed Ebraheem.
Pat Stewart.
Walter Carvalho.
Ahmed Hassan - Salem Mohamed.
Maytham Jameel.
Mahmood Ghuloom (Mash).

Interview with Jarred Merrill

We had this interview with Manama's former pro. player Jarred Merrill.
Date of Birth: 12-5-1981
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 230 lbs

Salawi: How was your experience playing in Bahrain?  
Jarred: It was a very good experience. I was surprised how nice the country looked. Bahrain is like a small dubai. There were many things to do in the city. Plenty of good food and lots of great people, I truly relished my time in Bahrain

Salawi: What is the most thing you miss about Bahrain? 

Jarred: By far and without a doubt I miss the fans. Ive been to many places in my pro career and none come close to the love and passion these fans have for the game of basketball.

Salawi: Manama has a very tough season the year you played (1 year ago), you lost the semi finals against Muharraq after leading one game, how did that happen?  

Jarred: It was like a movie, I can still remember the game minute for minute in my head. Game 3 we came out and jumped all over muhharraq and we were up 14pts to start the 4th quarter. As the 3rd quarter ended and we went into the huddle to begin the 4th everyone on the team relaxed, including myself, and muharraq spear-headed by mohhamed hassan(who gave us problems all year) led the come back. That was a sad day for me, i felt like a failure although i had 30+ points in that game.
Salawi: How was your relationship with Manama's coach, players and fans?
Jarred: Wow, Coach Salman is the most dedicated coach I have been around. He had a passion and intensity that all coaches should have, but at the same time he was the most caring man you could be around. I loved all my teamates and vice versa. The fans were the best you could ask for...I still keep in touch with all the fans on facebook. I have many pictures and memories with those guys. 

Salawi:It seems you enjoy yourself a lot when you play; you dance, interact with the fans and talk to your opponents, can you please tell us more about that?
Jarred: I try to play hard and have fun. The fans come to watch hard play and see they're team win...its good to make them laugh and enjoy themselves. Fans always ask me about the dance...people love that lol...It just comes out when things are going good for me on the court.

Salawi: Which Bahraini players impressed you the most ?  

Jarred: Mash, is a really great shooter and a good scorer. Mohhamed Hassan is another guy who when he gets hot on the court he wont miss...i used to talk alot of trash to him but i have alot of respect for his game. I like Hussain Shaker too...he likes to talk trash to me but he backs it up. He knows how to control the game and he makes big shots.

Salawi: Who defended you the best in Bahrain? 

Jarred: hmmm, thats a good question. I had a good season in scoring that year. If i had to say who guarded me the best id say Omran my teamate in Manama. He guarded me everyday in practice. He has a big heart and plays hard.
 Salawi: What was your biggest challenge playing in Bahrain? 
Jarred: Trying to win a championship with a team with such a great history of winning. Manama is the Boston Celtics of Bahrain. It looks like Al Ahli is the Lakers. Back to Back is VERY HARD!!!!!

Salawi: Where did you play last year and what are your future plans? 

Jarred: I played in Argentina for Atenas before I had a small injury then i went to Al Gezira of Egypt....we finished in 2nd place this year...from 5th they year before. My options are open rite now....there have been a few offers but i want to wait for another month or so... I want to play where I can win and play for a championship....

We thank  Jarred for this interview, wish him all the best, and hopefully we'll see him play in Bahrain soon.

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