Interview with Coach Dacosta

We were contacted by Mr.Dacosta the former Manama Caoch in the 2004-2005 season, and he gave us this interview

Salawi: Where and which team you are currently coaching?
Coach Decosta: I was coaching the Tijuana Dragons ABA USA Professional League

Salawi: In general, What is your impression about Basketball in Bahrain?
Coach Decosta: There does not seem to be a program that develops talented players early. Bahrain has good players but they have not been developed. This makes the clubs dependent on foreign talent to supplement their teams. The clubs are more interested winning games then teaching the youth players. I predict that in two or three more years the teams will need more foreign players to keep winning and the Bahraini players will not get to play.

Salawi: What are the good & bad memories about coaching in Bahrain?
Coach Decosta: In basketball I had the opportunity to teach the players of Al Manama Club the new techniques and fundamentals of USA basketball which I know they liked so much. I appreciate the organization of the Bahrain basketball and they run the clubs professionally. In particular the Al Manama club was well organized and took very good care of me and the players. The country was spectacular and the people of Bahrain were outstanding to me and my family and made us feel very comfortable.

Salawi: If you had the opportunity to coach again in Bahrain, name the players that you like to see in your team?
Coach Decosta: I pick players that are very eager to listen, practice and develop their fundamentals. There are a lot of players like that in Bahrain so; I know I would not have any trouble finding a good team!

Salawi: What were the reasons that led you in leaving Manama Club?
Coach Decosta: I had no problems with any of the staff or Al Manama Club. They were great. There were some issues with a couple players but if I had to do things over I would have handled things differently. I was wrong to leave without to have a meeting with the club and this I regret and I did not act professionally in this case.

Salawi: It seems, from your website, that you are invited & attend many BB clinics
Coach Decosta: Yes, I am invited to attend clinics and classes with some of the best coaches in USA. I am fortunate that I have become friends with many coaches and they are eager to help me improve my coaching techniques.

Salawi: Would you like to coach again in Bahrain?
Coach Decosta: Absolutely; Bahrain has a wonderful group of players and they were great students of basketball. Educating both coaches and players on how to improve their basketball is what I love doing!

Salawi: What are the actions that the Bahrain Basketball Association should take to develop Basketball in Bahrain ?
Coach Decosta: Restrict the number of foreigners allowed on each team. They need coaches that are experienced in teaching and developing players. They need to have more tournaments for the youth players to gain game experience.
They need to scout tall players from schools and see if they are interested in basketball and provide them with the tools and techniques to learn.
They need an academy where players can be sent to improve their skills and sponsored by the Basketball Association.

Salawi: Any last thoughts
Coach Decosta: I want to thank all the people of Bahrain and especially the basketball fans for treating me so nicely.

BahrainBakset: We in Bahrain Basket would like to thank Mr. Dacosta for contacting us and giving us this wonderful interview

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