Are The Heat The Real World Champions 2006 ?

The Miami heat became the world champions after beating Dallas 4-2 in a series that initially looked to be an easy one for Dalla, specially when they won first 2 games, However with less then 3 minutes left in game 3 Dwyane Wade just was unbelievable, it was like someone just pushed a button which started a scoring machine.

As for Dallas they just could not close game 3, which was in their hands and led Miami to their comeback.

And then their was Game 5, I've watched the game many times and the refs were absolutely terrible they gave Wade 25 free throughs ( which is as much FT as what all the Dallas player took in that game) Their were many fouls that were definitely a "No Call" but it seems that the refs,for some reason, just gave Wade a "The Super Stars special treatment" which they did not give Nowitzki.

The last play of Game 5 had the worst calls for a single play in the History of the NBA. Wade received the ball, committed a backcourt violations, dribbled the ball, just shoved Jason Terry out of the way, derived to the basket and for some reason the refs called a foul on Nowitzki that was simply not thair. The 2 pictures show this play, in the first one you can actually see the referee calling the foul with absolutely no contact on Wade. As for the second picture of this play it shoes D.Harris touching Wade after the referee called that foul (Mark Cube explains this in his Bogmaverick)

To complete the misery the refs called a time out which Avery Johnson actually wanted after the second Wade free through shot, and instead of confirming if Josh Howard actually wanted the time out and just let the Maverick decide the outcome of the game they made a really unfair time out call.

And Stackhouse being suspended in game 4 for a foul that even the referees did not call it a flagrant one that game, just made the situation even worst.

I really believe the referees just messed up a wonderful series in one of NBA’s best playoff seasons, which leaves us with the hard to answer question:

Are the Miami Heat the real world champs?

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