Stop Me... If You Can

The upcoming game between Manama and Hala on Monday, 12 Feb. 2007, will be a decisive game in determining the winner of the 2007 Bahrain's Cup Tournament. From our point of view the winner of this game will be the winner of the finals that would be held on the 15 Feb. 2007.

So what should these teams do to win ?...... it's simple Hala has to stop #4 from Manama, and Manama has to stop # 15

Former UCONN player 6'3" Albert Mouring, who was Rip Hamilton's teammate one day, has been perfect for Manama, although he plays the 1 and 2 spots, which is rare for Bahraini teams who always seek to get taller foreigner players that could play the Center position, he has done everything, a deadly shooter, terrific rebounder and a good passer. He is leading the league in scoring, where he is averaging more them 35 points a game.

On the other hand, Larry Daniels has been the most effective player in the paint, very experienced and when he touches the ball, you just feel that this guy knows what he's doing. To be honest I feel no one in Manama can stop him in the paint, including the "new" Frank Bar.

Of course, the conclusion of this game depends on many other factors, like the coach's decisions and other players contribution (Specially Mash and Ahemd Mirza) , but stopping these players is definitely the key for the valuable W.

Good Luck for both teams.

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