Best of 2009 - 2010 Season

Players in Video (In order of appearance):
Ahmed Najaf.
Bader Abdulla - Lamond Murray.
Ahmed Ali Hussain - Sayed Hashim.
Bader Abdulla.
Moahmed Nabeel - Calvin Warner.
Ahmed Aziz.
Maytham Jameel - Ahmed Aziz.
Ahmed Ali - Ahmed Hassan.
Mohamed Nabeel.
Ayoob Haji - Sarhan.
Ahmed Malalah - Mims O'Neal.
Maytham Jameel - Ahmed Aziz.
Younes Idrissi - Lemond Murray.
Mims O'Neal - Ebraheen Al Khabas.
Hassan Nawrooz.
Johnny Taylor.
Moahmed Nabeel.
Ahmed Ali Hussain - Mims O'Neal.
Maytham Jameel - Johnny Taylor.
Hassan Nawrooz - Calvin Warner.
A. Hameed Ebraheem.
Pat Stewart.
Walter Carvalho.
Ahmed Hassan - Salem Mohamed.
Maytham Jameel.
Mahmood Ghuloom (Mash).

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  1. # Anonymous Tukmol Ali

    when is the new season opening here in Bahrain?

    and do you have any info if teams hold try outs or anything?


    u can drop me an email.  

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