Proof that a 7th grade girl is more proficient then the best player in the world

After watching Shaq miss more free throws in the NBA finals, I can't help but ask: Is there another situation in sports where a seventh-grade girl can be more proficient in a key part of the sport than one of the most dominant professional players of all time?

There are literally hundreds of 12-year-old girls who can shoot free throws better than him.

That fact alone must beg the even deeper question: Can NBA basketball really be a sport, given the above-mentioned situation?"

The crazy thing about Shaq's free-throw shooting is that, fundamentally, he's always been completely wrong. Shaq shoots his free throws like line drives. Well, that makes no sense. Imagine you're trying to throw a rolled-up piece of paper into a garbage can -- instinctively, would you throw it with a Nowitzki-like arc, or would you whip it in a straight line at the can? You'd throw it with the arc. Everyone would. So why would Shaq continue to whip straight line drives at the rim for 14 consecutive years.

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  1. # Anonymous the stripe

    The reason shaq can't shoot free throws is not even his fault, his monsterous wrists and hands don't bend like normal peoples--he cant effectively flick his wrists. Nobobdy gives him enough credit.  

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