"Shaq is the most dominate player in the NBA" !!!!?

I received this mail from Ahmed :

First of all thanks for the effort and time you spend on opening a Bahrain Basketball website, specially with the lack of publicity that Basketball has in this country.

Now about what you wrote in your article about finding a 7th grade student that can shoot better freethrows than Shaq, well let me tell you that shaq has had the best coaches in freethrow's that money can buy, and he has improved dramatically since he entered the NBA, that's why he finally got the MVP with the Lakers because he was shooting 61% from the line, and the year before that he was shooting under 40%. Second of all shaq is really strong and has the biggest hands in the league, so he is trying to shoot freethrows like with a Tennis ball (Imagine that).
Shaq Freethrow reputation has Followed him throughout his career but yet he is the most dominant player the game has ever seen. So before you write something about shaq, a player that won 4 Championships. Try to critisized other players that have the potential to do something and yet they came way short. By the way there were two players that shot freethrows worse then shaq, Dennis Rodman and Anthony Mason, and these are players that had no excuse to shoot as bad as they did, so try to write an article about them, and lets give Shaq a break once and for all.

Salawi's Reply:

Thanks for the mail, and I appreciate your comments regarding my blog. It is always nice to here from a Bahraini basketball fan.

As for your reply regarding "Shaq Freetroughs", There is no question that Shaq is very dominate in the paint, their are players in the NBA that just reduce their weight to escape the Center position and not guard Shaq, Chris Weber is famous for that.

However I don't agree that "He is the most dominant player the game has ever seen". The most dominate is the player that came to the NBA and just new that his game weakness were his shooting and defense, he worked hard through out his career to make them both his strength.
And his name was Michel Jordan.
If you saw last years NBA finals, I swear that the Mavs in game 5 had better chance in winning that important game if they would've gambled in fouling Shaq and send him to the free through, rather then giving Wade an opportunity to score in the last position, which he did.

Thanks Ahmed for your mail and for sharing your point of view with us.

By the way the above picture won the 2006 NBA photo of the year award.

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